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Raisin Used Personio to Structure Their HR Department

Industry: Financial Services

About the company: Founded in 2012, FinTech-Startup Raisin is a fixed-term deposit portal that offers customers in Europe simple, secure and profitable savings and investment products. The Berlin-based platform, which is active in over 28 countries and cooperates with 80 banks, is growing rapidly – also on the employee front.

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Messy Processes – a Problem that Can Be Solved

Raisin has been using Personio’s HR management tool for over a year. Personio helped Raisin master the company’s rapid growth and the resulting greater demands in human resources and found sustainable solutions.

Personio offers a great opportunity for startups to bring structure into their HR processes and to optimize them based on the data.

Challenges the HR Department Was Facing

The company’s rapid growth meant a higher amount of work in applicant management and in the administration of employee data.

The manual administration and approval of vacation requests took up a lot of time. There was no compact, company-wide overview of absences, nor the ability to collect specific performance indicators for different departments. Furthermore, communication hurdles and manual processes in the modification of employee data resulted in unnecessary delays.

Manual submission of requests

Missing reports

Inefficient communication


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About the Company

Fintech startup Raisin was founded in 2012 and is a term deposit portal offering simple, secure and profitable savings and investment products to customers in Europe. The platform is active in over 28 countries, works with 80 banks and is growing rapidly – also in terms of staff figures.

No More Problems in Recruiting

The efficiency of recruitment at Raisin was difficult to assess because the performance of individual channels could not be measured. Furthermore, without systematic processing, candidates were sometimes overlooked, and it was difficult to get an overview of all the applications for each position and phase. Reports had to be produced manually and data collected from various different sources.

No performance evaluation

High administrative burden

No overview of applications

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Reasons for the Introduction

A fast-growing company with untapped potential in the area of HR needs the competent support of an efficient system.

Finally a Structure: Measurable Success with Personio

After an introductory discussion at an HR trade fair things happened quickly. In an initial test phase, Personio convinced Raisin with its comprehensive, easy-to-use features. The fact that their cloud solution was hosted in Europe was another point in Personio’s favor in light of increasing data protection requirements.

Easing the Burden in Payroll Accounting

Employees working in payroll accounting can concentrate more on essential aspects, because all relevant functions and data are neatly packaged at one location. Employees can, through their Personio user account, retrieve and download their monthly statements by themselves.

At Raisin, we take data protection very seriously. With Personio, we can work in a way that reflects this and meet all of our requirements. All data is stored securely in the German cloud, and other security mechanisms are also very high.

Efficient HR Management

Long communication channels are a thing of the past. Employees can, through their own user account and customizable access rights, be actively included in HR processes. For example, they can independently update their bank details, addresses, or other essential master data. Another major relief is provided through its dynamic reporting features: Important reports and exports can be generated with a few simple mouse clicks.

Retrieve payslips online

Fast communication

Efficient administration of master data

Comprehensive Support for HR Challenges

In many areas, our new HR management tool can be customized to suit our specific needs and processes. The proactive help we received during the implementation of the system and its intuitive user interface made for a smooth introduction. When questions came up, the Personio team reacted quickly every time.

Quick reaction times from the Support Team

Smooth implementation

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