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Boost empoyee's performance with software

Record the individual goal agreements made with your employees in Personio and ensure a standardized operation across departmental boundaries. Employees, supervisors, and HR Managers can see the goals and level of attainment at any point and assess employee performance over time.

Advantages of employee assessments with HR software

More transparency

Easy definition of custom KPIs and documentation of planned versus actual numbers.

Visible progress

The regular and consistent logging of KPIs makes development over time easier to recognize.

Increased efficiency

Automate tasks like making appointments, reminders, or calculating bonuses.

Efficient performance management with Personio

  • Define individual KPIs

    For each employee, define individual goals or make use of existing goals.

  • Flexibility in agreeing on goals

    Define monthly, quarterly, or yearly employee goals using as many qualitative and quantitative KPIs as wanted.

  • Comments on performance

    Supervisors can document specific incidents or observations in order to bring them up later during feedback meetings.

  • Integration with the payroll accounting

    Personio automatically calculates flexible salary components based on the agreed upon goals and includes these in the monthly payroll accounting.

How much leeway do you have to improve your HR management?

Personio supports you in all of your HR processes, from managing applicants or vacations to payroll accounting. Receive a free Test-Account or find out in our 20 minute Webdemo which processes you can optimize through the use of more efficient software.

Defining KPIs with Personio

You can define as many KPIs as wanted or choose pre-existing KPIs to add to the agreed-upon goals. A KPI in Personio can be binary, quantitative, or qualitative.

  • Binary: the goal is achieved or not (Ex- Training attended)
  • Qualitative: not directly measurable (Ex- Employee satisfaction)
  • Quantitative: directly measurable (Ex- Sales goal)

Define for every KPI if, and to what degree, it will influence the calculation of the bonus for the chosen period.

In the employee profile, under the “Salary” tab, it is possible to add bonuses that are either flexible (manually recorded) or are calculated based on the previously determined goal achievement in the performance section. The bonus will then be automatically added to the salary. Based on the settings, this can occur at the end of the period, after the period, or evenly distributed throughout the period.

Any questions?

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