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Onboarding new employees

Studies show that the first few days of a new employee’s work are decisive for their long-term relationship to the company. Personio helps small and mid-sized companies plan their Onboarding process and carry it out in a structured manner. All with the goal of successful cooperation.

Good reasons for good onboarding

Quickly up to speed

From day one, make sure new employees are provided with all of the information they will need for their work.

In good hands

A friendly greeting, a fully set-up work place – the first impression counts.

Complete overview

Automatically remind supervisors, colleagues, and new employees of their onboarding tasks at the right time.

Encourage engagement

New employees adapt. Present your company’s best sides and set standards.

Be productive faster

Employees who know from the beginning what’s expected from them and how they can achieve this will get up-to-speed quickly.

Save recruiting costs

Actively prevent new employees from quitting in the middle of their probationary period because the start didn’t go according to plan.

Successful onboarding with Personio

  • Adaptable onboarding-processes

    The onboarding process is different for each department and position. Create as many individualized on-/offboarding templates as necessary and assign them to individual employees.

  • Versatile onboarding tasks

    Utilize over 10 different types of onboarding tasks. Let employees upload documents and enter master data themselves, automatically send out welcome emails on the first day, and make important documents available for download.

  • Automatic reminders

    Personio automatically reminds supervisors and colleagues by Email regarding their upcoming onboarding tasks. Arrange a month ahead of time for a company laptop to be set-up by the IT department, for example.

  • Efficient acquisition of master data

    Ask new employees to enter relevant information like bank details into their digital personnel file on their first day. Optionally, allow changes to be approved by supervisors or other HR employees.

  • Flexible onboarding emails

    Schedule and send automatic emails with Personio based on templates. Greet new employees on the first day with an email from the managing director or send important documents as attachments.

  • Offboarding

    All features can also be used for offboarding after a contract is terminated. Create a template and use it to remind colleagues to collect key, delete accounts, etc.

How much leeway do you have to improve your HR Management?

Personio supports you in all of your HR processes, from managing applicants or vacations to payroll accounting. Receive a free Test-Account or find out in our 20 minute Webdemo which processes you can optimize through the use of more efficient software.

Why is onboarding so important?

Hiring and training new employees is expensive. The cost of searching for a new employee, including the internal costs, quickly amounts to 30 – 40% of the yearly salary of the position you wish to fill. Once a fitting applicant is found, it is in the interest of every organization to train and familiarize him or her quickly and to help the new employee feel good in their new work from the beginning.

An employee who feels alone and out of place, because other colleagues and supervisors do not take time for him, his PC does not work, or he is not invited to meetings, quickly loses the motivation that made him stick out in his interview to begin with. Every resignation during the probation period that is not due to irreconcilable technical or personal differences should be avoided. Such resignations cost not only money and time for the renewed personnel search, but also leave behind the unfinished work that the new employee was hired to accomplish in the first place.

In light of the growing shortage of skilled employees, making sure the hiring and training process for new employees goes well from the beginning will help foster an image of being a good employer (both internally and externally).

Who is responsible for onboarding? HR or management?

The direct supervisor is basically the one responsible for a successful onboarding. The HR department is there to provide support and ensure that the onboarding process follows the same framework with all management and is considered as essential for a successful hiring/training of new employees.

The HR department can also provide operational support with overarching themes, like, for example, coordinating trainings that are necessary inter-departmentally. However, management retains responsibility for successful onboarding.

Any questions?

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