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Attendance Tracking

Documenting working time online saves time and trouble especially in comparison to onerous Excel-Sheets. Easy-to-use entry forms prevent mistakes and smart background calculations find the correct aggregate working hours – fully adaptable.

Manage working hours with HR software

Employee Self Service

Employees fill in their working times themselves.

Approval with the click of a button

Supervisors can approve the hours entered online with a click.

Individually configured

Working time regulations can be adapted when needed.

Attendance tracking with Personio

  • Employees track attendances independently

    Allow all, or selected, employees to independently enter their working times online.

  • Linked to payroll

    Personio calculates salaries automatically based on working time and hourly wage and inputs this directly into the payroll accounting.

  • Individualized approval process

    Create individualized approval processes for working hours. Decide, for example, that the entered working hours must always be approved by the supervisor or an HR-manager.

  • Individualized weekly working times and vacation days

    Assign employees individually to fulltime or part time models. Personio will automatically calculate entitlement to vacation and remaining vacation days.

  • Flexible management of holidays

    Determine public holiday rules for each location. Public holidays for most European countries are already preset and can be further defined with expanded holiday rules.

Save time on all HR tasks

Personio is much more than just an attendance tracking software. Personio supports you in all of your HR processes, from managing applicants or vacations to payroll accounting. Receive a free Test-Account or find out in our 20 minute webdemo which processes you can optimize through the use of more efficient software.

Evaluation of working time

Recording working time digitally has many advantages. At the end of the month or year, you can easily get an overview of your achieved working hours or those of your colleagues. Personio offers clear reporting and export functions and can automatically create evaluations in a tabular or graphic format. You will have, at all times, an overview of presence/absence, sick days, weekly working times, and vacation.

Any questions?

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