At Personio, we try to not lose valuable time on our way to incredible results.


By using Command + k you can quickly jump to a channel of your choice.


Mute slack to completely focus on a topic and cut all distraction. To turn off Slack for a specific time, look for the bell in the upper left of Slack and cancel the noise.

Improve your focus with the configurable background noise of Noisli (


We have a personiobot as slack team member – that thing is almost almighty. In case you wonder who is on holidays or you are looking for a phone number, just ask our bot:


How it works

  1. Have all tasks in Asana in the „Upcoming“ bucket
  2. Assess the priority of each task (A, B, C)
  3. Order your task by priority also within each category
  4. For each day select 1-3 tasks that need to be accomplished

The Priorities

It’s all about consequences if you don’t do a task:

Things that will lead to significant consequences if not done today.
Important and urgent

Activities that may be nice to finish, but you will live another day if you don’t complete them.
Important but not urgent

Activities that have no penalty if not completed and are low priority, but nice to complete at some point.
Not important but urgent

In Settings tick the checkbox to use Browser notifications instead if interruptive alerts. This will make alerts pop-up in a less obtrusive way.


In Labs you can enable some helpful features. With Free or busy you can always see if someone else is currently available.


Enabling Next meeting offers a countdown to your next meeting.


If you handle clients or partners in other timezones the World clock feature is perfect to quickly see which time it is e.g. in New York.


It might be useful to have web applications like Google Inbox, Google Calendar, Zendesk or JIRA running in separate windows. This way you avoid having 1532 tabs open in Chrome which are hard to navigate through.


For Mac there is a software called Fluid that transforms websites into „real“ apps.

Need a bunch of (reasonable) dummy data to set up a Personio account? Then Mockaroo is your tool of choice. You can easily generate XLS-files with several rows of customized data also including e.g. date ranges for time off or attendance periods.


At Personio, we are pro napping. Studies of napping have shown improvement in cognitive function, creative thinking and memory performance. So feel free to have a 15 minute nap to refresh your brain – not only after a heavy lunch meal.