People @ Personio – Steffi, Product Owner

steffi people at personio

Hi Steffi, like many other team members from Personio, you are not originally from Munich. Why did you move here?

It sounds crazy, but for me it was always a dream to move to Munich someday. You can be outside a lot, which is something I really enjoy. Another thing is, that you live so close to the mountains, what is perfect for skiing in winter or hiking in summer. Munich is the perfect homebase for me.

Have you ever made a decision in your career life that does not really suit your character?

I didn’t feel super unhappy with my last company, but I felt that I could be happier. Then this great opportunity at Personio came along, so I quit my job after just six months, right at the end of my probation, and started at Personio. I see myself as a really dedicated person and when I do something I want to do it until the end. So leaving a job after such a short amount of time doesn’t really suit my character. But now I couldn’t be happier.

What makes Personio so special for you?

What really makes Personio special are the people, that you get to work with. It’s such a young and dynamic team and we spend a lot of time together. We talk about our mission, vision and our strategy regularly. Everyone of the company is aware of what this is and what our goals are. In summary: People are willing to work pretty hard here while having fun. It’s great!

What’s the best thing about being a Product Owner?

I really enjoy working with people. As a Product Owner I have a team of six developers around me, that I work with every day. Another thing is, that I work with so many colleagues from other departments, for example with the people from our Customer Success Team. So my job as a Product Owner is very collaborative. That’s pretty cool.

What makes you proud?

Being able to say that I really understand the product after only a few months. With Personio we’re trying to build a very holistic platform. That means we put a lot of processes and workflows in there to allow our customers to achieve their goals. But that also means, that the product itself is actually quite complex in terms of how it is built. Understanding the data bases behind and how it technically works is a daily – and motivating – challenge for me and my team.

Are you hiring right now?

Yes, we are constantly looking for new people. There are some open positions we would love to fill soon!

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